Press & Boring

“On Jaill’s Sub Pop debut That’s How We Burn, Milwaukee’s preeminent slacker-rock band combs its hair, puts on a clean shirt, and remakes itself as a sleek, savvy engineer of guitar-pop should-be hits.”

                                                                  –The Onion A.V. Club

“These four Milwaukee dudes mix the beaming choruses of ’80s new wave with the lovable shrug of ’90s guitar-based indie”


“Jaill refined its sound during all those years playing empty rooms and stuffy basements, stripping away superfluous psychedelic effects until they were left with the naked, unpretentious garage-pop of 2009’s There’s No Sky (Oh My My), the record that caught the ear of Sub Pop’s A&R team.”


“If this were a cereal, it’d be Apple Jacks. You wouldn’t think to purchase it, but if your friend has some, you eat it, and it’s actually pretty good.”


“They’re three schlubs from Milwaukee, and they’re more than willing to go onstage in dorky T-shirts and let their mangy Midwestern power-pop speak for itself.”


“doot doola doot doo doot doo”

                                                                  –Nardwuar’s Top 5