T-Shirts & Records & Other Jams

Traps LP/CD (Sub Pop; 2012) |  Available Here

That’s How We Burn LP/CD (Sub Pop; 2010) | Available Here

There’s No Sky (Oh My My) LP/CD (Burger/Decorated; 2010) | Purchase LP | Purchase CD

That’s How We Burn / There’s No Sky (Oh My My) Cassette (Burger/Sub Pop; 2010) | Available Here

“Stoned Octopus” T-Shirt | sold out

Each one is individual and made by hand. Please include a description of your size and color-ish preference. You’ll get your very own, made by a broke member of the band, can’t guarantee what’ll all be on it, T-SHIRT*!!!!! *or some type of shirt

5 song CD (Decorated, 2007) | Purchase

Kept Me Spitting CD (Decorated, 2004) | Purchase

Decor CD (Decorated, 2003) sold out

Pardono b/w Always Wrong 7″ (Decorated, 2008) sold out

Semaine De Quatre Jeudis 7″ EP (Decorated, 2002) sold out